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One Class gets a Clearer View of our school’s energy use

The students in the AP Environmental Science class were using an infrared camera along with an APP called FLIR 1to look at several aspects of energy including efficiency and vampire energy use. Same hall but a different perspective. Efficiency shows where energy (heat) is “leaking” or where cold is coming into a building.  When looking […]

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Last Week at TA: Thanksgiving

Last Week at Thornton Academy, Chris Jordan interviewed students and a member of the faculty about the upcoming snow day and Thanksgiving, Calvin Christoforo interviewed the JV Athlete of the Month, and Chris Toshach interviewed the snow.

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Death by Twitter: The Elon Musk Edition

A lot can happen from a single tweet. Political wars, record-breaking chicken nuggets, and most recently the  major upset of one of the most controversial automotive companies since Hennessy “produced” their Venom GT. On August 7th of 2018, Tesla’s chairman and CEO Elon Musk tweeted; “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” The […]

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Last Week at TA: Homecoming

In this episode of Last Week at TA, Jake Lamontagne interviews students and faculty at the WGME Food Challenge Rally. Calvin Christoforo interviews the JV Athlete of the Month. Chris Jordan interviews students about Homecoming. Finally, Chris Toshach has an interview with a seagull.

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A True Christmas Spirit

Beverly Smith, coordinator of the Old Orchard Beach Salvation Army is moved each holiday season by the kindness of strangers and the resilience of those in need. She said, “every family who applies has some special need; so we are so happy to be able to bring some cheer to them at this time of […]

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New and Improved? iPhone 8 rumors

New and Improved? (Iphone 8)         If you have the Iphone 6 and is about to buy the 7 I would wait until this fall! The Iphone 8 is releasing. Don’t just go drop hundreds of dollars on the 7 when the 8 is about drop soon. A lot of great things are expected. […]

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