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What Gives You an Adrenaline Rush?

According to adrenaline increases your strength, gets rid of pain, heightens your senses, gives you a sudden boost of energy, and increases your breathing. Different people have different ways of getting an adrenaline rush. We went out and asked people how they achieve an adrenaline rush.

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What Drives you Nuts?

The word “pet peeve” has been around since 1919. People also refer to it as “pet hate”. It comes from the term peevish, meaning “ill-tempered”. The word has been used and translated into other languages around the world, and has become very common. We interviewed ten people and everyone had a different annoyance. Anything from […]

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The Worst Presents Ever Received

This holiday season Ben and Molly set out to find out what the worst gift ever received by Thornton students was. Based on a survey done by NRF this year, on average, Americans will spend just under $1,000 on their holiday shopping this year. We asked one students here at school how much money they predicted […]

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Saco’s Last Dairy Farm Stops Dairy Production

After over 200 years, the Leary Farm is officially stopping dairy production and turning to predominantly growing vegetables. Tim Leary states in an interview with Current Publishing that “the milk business is going nowhere.” He also shares that it will be sad to get rid of the cows, but he knows that this transition is what […]

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The Booth. What are Your Dreams?

    On December 17th, The Booth (an old school telephone booth equipped with a voice activated microphone and recording system) visited our atrium. Carpe Diem Staff asked students to enter and talk about their dreams for the future. Many found it hard to speak their wishes aloud, yet, hundreds of students had the guts […]

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