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Lasante and Izzie at a local pumpkin patch.

Disability Inspires Students

  The alarm clock buzzes at 5:15, and English teacher Caryn Lasante rolls up out of bed and gets ready to take on the day. She gets up and gets herself ready, then heads down to the kitchen to pack lunches and make breakfast. After an hour, she wakes up her daughter Izzie, a fourth […]

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Guide to a Tasty Meal

Submitted to Carpe Diem by Senior Paige Lawlor “Cooking is Love made Visible.” Looking for a way to thank your family for shepherding you to graduation? Why not cook them up some comfort food and enjoy a surprise dinner together? Click on the link below to see tips on making my favorite home-made meal: Shepherd’s […]

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Red Ribbon Week school meeting

The week before vacation is usually full of distractions especially for seniors whose minds wander to end of year fun and other activities besides schooling. On Tuesday, April 12, seniors were invited to an assembly as a kick off to the Red Ribbon initiative in partnership with Biddeford High School. The purpose of this assembly […]

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This figure shows the meridian lines in our bodies.

Ancient Medicine Goes Mainstream

Feelings of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity filled Meg Yudaken’s mind as she walked into the office for the first time. All her worries dissipated when she met the woman who would be treating her. She was welcoming and sweet and full of good energy. She got Yudaken some tea and they talked for awhile about […]

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Dance Empowers Teens

For many teens, dancing is a refuge, a space they create for themselves where they can’t be judged for making mistakes. In a society which too often revolves around perfection, dance is a necessary escape for many. Senior Briaunna Elliott uses dance to relieve the pressures of school, work, and college applications. During a break […]

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Crystal Healing: Hoax or Science?

  After a tough day of work, Phoebe Gariepy decides to treat herself. She pulls into Leapin Lizards, a crystal store in Portland. Gariepy walks into the building, she is suddenly surrounded by a massive collection of various crystals and stones. She finds herself drawn to a table engulfed in small pieces of Apopholite, and […]

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Thornton senior, Abigail Ouellette, at the site of her father’s grave.

Profound Loss Too Early

F acing a parent’s death is not easy at any age, but most assume they will not lose a parent until well into adulthood. Sadly, Thornton Academy senior Abby Ouellette and Deering High School senior Priscilla Maccario had their time with their fathers unexpectedly cut short. According to a survey by Comfort Zone Camp, the nation’s’ […]

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Thoughts On Life After Death

Part of life is facing the inevitability of death. How we envision what happens after our final breath depends on many factors including where we grew up, our religion, and our personal experiences. A recent CBS news poll shows that only 46 percent of the Americans spend time thinking about life after death, and only […]

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A Taste of Home

According at 2013 Gallup Poll, “eight in 10 Americans report eating at fast-food restaurants at least monthly, with almost half saying they eat fast food at least weekly. Only 4% say they never eat at fast-food restaurants. ” For most people, eating fast food is about convenience, but for students ordering takeout to the dorms […]

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The Stories of Our Ancestors

As we grow up, we grow with many stories–From goodnight moon at 3 years old, to the hundred pages books we read at 18 as well–as everything in between. But, when it comes down to it, nothing compares to the stories of heroism and struggle told to us by our grandparents and great-grandparents. Walter Brzozowski […]

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