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Teen Migraines

Teen Migraines

I was diagnosed with chronic migraines when I was in the fifth grade. Since then, I’ve missed a total of over 100 school days because of the condition. I’ve missed best friend’s birthday parties. I had to quit my gymnastics team. I’ve stayed up all night before school on multiple occasions trying to cram weeks […]

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Understanding Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that causes impaired communication and interaction. Because of a gender bias with diagnosis, 25% more males are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder than females, with around 1.2 million people under 21 having the disorder. Since 2013 all autism disorders were now classified under the same umbrella, which includes Autistic […]

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What’s Really in Your Lunch?

According to the CDC the childhood obesity rate has quadrupled in adolescents in the last thirty years. Americans have access to hundreds of thousands of different supermarkets and stores. There are endless options of different food choices people can buy. All of which contain healthy options, yet the problem of growing obesity still remains. In […]

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Reality Behind the Rise of Piercings

Septums, medusas, webs are  just a few of the many piercings on the rise at TA. Piercings on the ears, lips, nose, eyebrows and even tongues are almost common now, and new types of piercing seem to spring up each year. When seniors began at Thornton four years ago, cartilage piercings were the hot new […]

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The Struggles of Living Away From Home

“I try to pretend sometimes that I’m there, so I don’t miss anything.  For example, I Facetime with my friends when they at a party, or I Facetime with my previous classmates when they have a class, or when we have a family lunch they always call me.” Said Fanni Abonyi, a Residential Life student from […]

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Lasante and Izzie at a local pumpkin patch.

Disability Inspires Students

  The alarm clock buzzes at 5:15, and English teacher Caryn Lasante rolls up out of bed and gets ready to take on the day. She gets up and gets herself ready, then heads down to the kitchen to pack lunches and make breakfast. After an hour, she wakes up her daughter Izzie, a fourth […]

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Guide to a Tasty Meal

Submitted to Carpe Diem by Senior Paige Lawlor “Cooking is Love made Visible.” Looking for a way to thank your family for shepherding you to graduation? Why not cook them up some comfort food and enjoy a surprise dinner together? Click on the link below to see tips on making my favorite home-made meal: Shepherd’s […]

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