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College Dorm

Adjusting to Life in a College Dorm

  Change can be hard, and as seniors transition from working on college applications to waiting for admissions decisions, minds begin shift to wondering —Will I be OK in the transition to living on my own?  The senior class has 382 students in it, a big portion of them will be going off to live […]

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A New Start Away From Home

When she was younger, senior Annie Karim’s father told her a true story about a friend who had a hard time during the Iraq-Iran war. One day a taxi driver was driving across a bridge in Canada and saw a man standing on the bridge debating on jumping and ending his life. The man in […]

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A Double Take on the Twins of TA

Cowritten by Delainey Curit and Deanna Curit “We were in the hospital for three months, after being born prematurely at just one pound each. When we went home we had a nurse that came to our house everyday to help monitor us. When I was born my lungs weren’t fully developed so I had water in […]

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College Diversity

What better way to figure out if a college is going to be right for you then spending three days living on campus with other prospective  students? I had the opportunity to do that along with 50 other students from all over the country. We were all selected to participate in Discovering University of Vermont’s […]

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Carpe Diem’s Movie Buff Extravaganza presents– An Argument for Ambiguity in Horror: Sometimes Less is More

Minor to Major spoilers for/Films highlighted: Halloween(1978) Alien(1979) THE THING(1982) Zodiac(2007) One thing that used to bother me when I watched movies was their sense of ambiguity. That when the lights in a theater were shining on me afterwards, the answers for the film which I sat through were not always there, that certain story […]

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