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Precision Machining gives Vocational Students Skills to build Anything

Textbook for precision machining class Many people are passionate about and fall into the career of precision machining. Precision machine covers many areas of industry. According to, without it we wouldn’t have any idea on how to make structures and machines and our greatest achievements would have taken way longer and near impossible to […]

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Hayley post disease.

Hayley Desjardins: The Most Well Known Teen in Saco

Hayley’s first time running the Hugs for Hayley Race. Hayley with 6th grade basketball team.Hayley with her family on transplant day.Hayley post transplant.Hayley crossing the finish line with friends, Olivia Paradis and Victoria Labbe.Hayley on the Jimmy Fund trip to the Red Sox spring training in Florida.Thornton Academy basketball team at the Hoops for Hope game.Hayley […]

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Maine Brew Bar, where beer meets soap.

Crystal Kepler began her soap business a few summers ago in the kitchen of her Saco home. She wanted to find an activity that would allow her to bond with her daughter Emma, who is a vegan. Kepler knew that there weren’t many commercial soaps that had vegan options, so she decided to start her […]

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Early Birds vs. Night Owls

There are two different types of people in the world; early birds and night owls. Some people wake up at 5am and get a million things done before 9am. Then, there are some people who wake up late and start off their day by getting ready for school or work in 15 minutes or less, […]

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Get to really know caffeine

What exactly is caffeine? Our school cafeteria sells almost 200 cups of coffee a day. They sell even more on rainy days, maybe because students need a little extra energy when it is dark and dreary out. 20 years ago there was no coffee sold in the school cafeteria and only only one coffee shop […]

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Winter Dance Concert 2018

On January ninth and tenth, the Thornton Academy dance program presented a Winter Dance Concert. All seven TA dance classes performed, along with the Dance Company, Community Dance Project, and Ballroom Club. In total, over 200 students performed at the two shows. The show presented all kinds of dance styles, from contemporary to jazz, ballroom, […]

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