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An Adoption Dog’s Unconditional Love

Clarissa Merrifield recently adopted a dog named Bailey from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, “I saw Bailey on the refuge league site….On February 3rd I walked in and said, ‘Hi I’m here to bring Bailey home today!’” This wasn’t just an everyday dog adoption for Merrifield, she was looking for a sweet pit […]

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Understanding Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that causes impaired communication and interaction. Because of a gender bias with diagnosis, 25% more males are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder than females, with around 1.2 million people under 21 having the disorder. Since 2013 all autism disorders were now classified under the same umbrella, which includes Autistic […]

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What’s Really in Your Lunch?

According to the CDC the childhood obesity rate has quadrupled in adolescents in the last thirty years. Americans have access to hundreds of thousands of different supermarkets and stores. There are endless options of different food choices people can buy. All of which contain healthy options, yet the problem of growing obesity still remains. In […]

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The Shrinking of the Huge American Family

Over the years, family sizes have been shrinking. In the 1700’s it was common to have a household with more than seven children. By 1850, the average family had 5.5 kids. As of 2015, the average number of children in a household is 2.5 says and Having a large family size is often […]

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The Language to Know in Today’s World

By HANEEN AHMIDA & FANNI ABONYI When the Arabic course was first introduced in 2011 it was an X block class, TA was actually  the first school to offer Arabic in the State of Maine. It wasn’t until 2013- 2014 that the language became part of the regular school day offerings. In 2014-2015 Arabic II […]

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Easing the Hunger

For many of us there is a lot to be thankful for, not only doing the holiday season, but year round. In fact, many families end up throwing out much of what we buy at the grocery store because we have so much to spare. According to Natural Resources Council of Maine, “48 million Americans, […]

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Spoiled For Choice

Over the past five years, the application called “Netflix” has become more and more popular. Netflix is becoming a household name for everyone, whether you have it or not. Netflix is an app where you can stream thousands of television shows and movies for just a small monthly fee. The popularity goes beyond the numbers. […]

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