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Cleaning the Halls with a Smile

Tim started working at Thornton Academy back in 2012. His title of Head Supervisor of Custodians has allowed him to impact the school atmosphere and the students in a remarkable way. A lot of what Tim does goes unnoticed and unrecognized, this is just one look into his day to day life and a glimpse […]

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The Weight Room

T.A. offers a Weight and Power training class for young kids who desire to improve on their overall fitness or sports performance. Some just take the class to improve their overall mental health. Next year TA will hopefully have a new weight room! The average person’s body does not stop developing until they are in […]

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Depression in Our Age

Mental health has quite a few unhealthy taboos, especially for adolescents. One might hear “She’s just doing it for attention” or “He’s just sad because he doesn’t have a girlfriend” in the halls of any old high school, or even among adults speaking ignorantly through their aged perceptions of childhood depression. In the modern day, […]

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Sunday River Expansions and Events.

Sunday River is one of the best riding mountains around, located in Newry Maine Sunday River has 135 trails, over 800 skiable acres and 15 speed lifts, a one day lift ticket for an adult is $105 and the season gold new england pass is $1,389 which seems a little pricey but it’s valid every […]

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Hunting Memories

According to Deer Friendly, Maine deer biologists estimate the population this year to be about 240,000. As a result, the state has issued a record number of doe permits to reduce the population.  This is an increase from an estimated population of 225,000 in 2016. Populations have been supported by mild to moderate winters in […]

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Is High School Partying Really That Bad?

As she walks slowly to the house, from the dark spot where she parked down the street, the anticipation is building. She can hear the loud thumping of music as she climbs the front steps to the front door. As she walks in, people yell “Heyyyyy,” welcoming her with drunk filled love. Immediately, she is […]

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The Problem With Skateboarders

You find yourself skating at your normal skate spot with some friends. There is a no skateboarding sign but you tend to ignore it because this is a good place to skate and you have no other place to go, all of a sudden a police officer shows up and tickets everyone. Is the officer […]

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