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Miracles of Sound

The Many Aspects of Learning a Musical Instrument By BRANDON LEBEL Growing up, kids begin taking interests in many different things. Some start playing sports, some get into science, and some begin making art. But at some point in just about everyone’s life, they either decided to, or were forced to, play a musical instrument. […]

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Spoiled For Choice

Over the past five years, the application called “Netflix” has become more and more popular. Netflix is becoming a household name for everyone, whether you have it or not. Netflix is an app where you can stream thousands of television shows and movies for just a small monthly fee. The popularity goes beyond the numbers. […]

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The Hidden Jewel

The exotic glow inside The Jewel of India, an Indian restaurant just across the bridge in Biddeford, is immediately inviting. Even the shiny elephants on the wall seem to be smiling back as if satisfied with the scrumptious smells coming from the kitchen. It isn’t until the steaming food composed of rich and bright colors […]

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A Town For The Artists

In the mid 80’s Portland awoke to its true identity as a town of artists, innovators and the imaginative. From having the best arts college in the state, to having multiple small concert venues accessible to local artists. Portland, by design, is for the artists and innovators alike. In 2008 the Creative Portland Corporation was […]

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Tattoos of TA

  In just one class (our G1 Journalism block), 5 out of 14 students have at least one tattoo. Three more plan to get one in the near future. Statistics posted on Statistics Brain suggest that this reflects national averages. According to an article written by Rebecca Lake there is a growing number of young adults aged from 18-24 […]

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One Acts 2016

The clock ticks furiously in everyone’s ears. Palms are sweaty and feet are restless. The audience holds their breath as their competitors race to set up their set in just five minutes. There is nothing like the thrill of performing in front of an audience, so what happens when you’re performing not only in front […]

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