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15 Best Classes at TA

What are some of the best classes here at TA? Still got a few more years at TA? Wondering what classes are the most fun or interesting? Well you’re in luck! Here is a list of some of the best classes at TA according to the leaving Seniors of 2017 & some Alumni. (In no […]

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Should I take a gap year?

Taking a year off is more often than not described as a “year on” because the majority of students that take a gap year use it to set and achieve some sort of goal. Their year off generally has structure with it to help getting to their goals. More and more students every year take […]

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Understanding Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that causes impaired communication and interaction. Because of a gender bias with diagnosis, 25% more males are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder than females, with around 1.2 million people under 21 having the disorder. Since 2013 all autism disorders were now classified under the same umbrella, which includes Autistic […]

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What’s Really in Your Lunch?

According to the CDC the childhood obesity rate has quadrupled in adolescents in the last thirty years. Americans have access to hundreds of thousands of different supermarkets and stores. There are endless options of different food choices people can buy. All of which contain healthy options, yet the problem of growing obesity still remains. In […]

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Homework: How Much is too Much?

Students have to juggle many responsibilities. School, sports, work, family, and other extra-curricular activities. Many students complain about receiving too much homework. And many make their arguments for what amount of homework is the right amount. So, how much homework is too much?     Ms. Lasante says, “ a couple reasons I assign homework, one is […]

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The Language to Know in Today’s World

By HANEEN AHMIDA & FANNI ABONYI When the Arabic course was first introduced in 2011 it was an X block class, TA was actually  the first school to offer Arabic in the State of Maine. It wasn’t until 2013- 2014 that the language became part of the regular school day offerings. In 2014-2015 Arabic II […]

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The Life of an Introvert in School

According to the 2012 article “Studies Illustrate the Plight of Introverted Students,” by Sarah Sparks published in Education Week that while as many as 1/2 of the population are introverts, this group may be at an educational disadvantage in traditional classrooms. Teachers seem to view quieter students as less intelligent than those who readily speak […]

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Girls Dorm Parents Reflect

It’s Tuesday night. Girls dorm seems busy in study hours and everyone is doing homework in the rooms, but one thing we never forget to do. No matter how many homework we have these nights ..we will always come to Nasses apartment and have our usual turkish night. Our two girls from Turkey make coffee […]

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Kathleen Pierce

Advice from an Expert on Modern Journalism

Kathleen Pierce, a writer for the Bangor Daily News, focuses on the local southern Maine restaurant scene. Pierce visited Thornton Academy on April 8th, 2016 to speak to the Carpe Diem staff about how to improve writing skills and how to better develop our own stories. Some of her more recent pieces include Modern Milkmen: Why […]

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The Man Behind the Camera

2/12/16 – Hailey Robinson interviews Robert Pennington, a traveling photographer, about his life and future goals.   On Thursday, February 4th, Robert Pennington was a guest speaker at Thornton Academy. He shared with the students some of his incredible photography captured in his time in places like Syria and Colombia. As a journalist and aspiring […]

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