Black Out Poetry—A Different Way to Create

Black out poetry is a creative way of making short poems or stories with another piece of writing such as a newspaper or magazine. After volunteering at a booksale a couple summers ago at the Dyer Library, I acquired a couple old books that no one seemed to want. One book in particular sat in the corner of my room for almost a year until I decided to do something unspeakable in my English teacher’s eyes. I began to blackout every page, one by one, reclaiming the abandoned book and writing my own short mess of words with what I was given.

Here are three I have created:



and the boy

sat alone,

he thought he heard a footstep and


There at the door he thought he saw


a grown man who had

died so recently

and yet so long ago.



tremble with

the world

wave my lady

and then

go home, back


gentle, wise, secret




waiting for

a little after midnight

sleepy, but at the same time

she was restless

when he spoke his voice would be hushed.


Everything’s all right.



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