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Behind the Scenes of the first T.A. TedEd

As the first ever TedX talk event is about to take place in Garland autditorium in TA, with some special guests like Maine Senate Justin Chenette sharing his stories, from being a TA alumni to running for Maine Senate and a french artist whose passion for travelling had exposed him to so many different people, cultures and languages, this photo essay is meant to be a tribute to the club with a mixed attempt to both uncover the team’s endeavour and promote this upcoming event.

Definitely not the first year of TedX club but this year’s team is by far the most outstanding as they’re organizing the very first Ted talk event in the history of Thornton Academy
The iconic X in every official TedX talk around the world is finally ready for our imminent event
“Ideas worth spreading.” That’s how nonprofit TED (an acronym for technology, entertainment, and design) describes its mission. The organization is celebrated for its semiannual conferences that bring together some of the world’s best movers, shakers and thinkers.
“Wait a minute, we can actually ask Koi for sponsorship cuz we literally order from them every night, we’re their most loyal customers dude” – Ben (in red flannel), speaking up from his mind, about possible option for sponsorship during the early stage of TedX
It’s common to associate “Ted talk” to a club of constant talking but in reality, it’s more about listening to different ideas and perspectives from everybody
As today is the era of digital and communication, technology essentially encompasses the means of sharing information
Ted is not only a club but also the enthusiasm and desire to share and present ideas
For some bit of practical experience, we took several trips to Boston to attend real, official TedX events. TedX Beacon Street was the most memorable one as the speakers are all different, from their background to their jobs. The elements of diversity and expertise in this event are what we’ve been looking after to organise the best Ted talk in our capability.
And finally, the Tedx team, including me, would love to thank TA for helping us along the way to make this remarkable event happen. Thus, the profile of the club is based on TA’s classic school logo.

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