Beau Williams: text by Emma McGahey and audio by Lindsay Walls-Ott

“Guys like You” is a performance poetry group in Portland, Maine. This group consists of the three main friends; Will, Ryan, and Beau himself. Beau Williams is a 27 year old male who was born in Tampa, Florida. When he was at a young age his parents got divorced, which meant he was moving to Denver, New Hampshire. In Denver is where he started expressing his emotions and feelings on a pieces of paper. As Beau said “a blank page is one of the most beautiful, therapeutic things there is.” Writing poetry was a way of expressing himself and most of all it was a way for him to cope with the challenges he was facing in his life. Through college Beau became very intune with poetry and learned that he wasn’t weird for liking poetry. Beau attends many poetry slams and open mics. One of Beau’s favorite places is at Greenville, Chicago. It’s one of his favorite open mic bars because they still use napkins and markers to judge the performers performances.

Beau’s group, “Guys like You” recently went on a Nationwide poetry tour. The tour the three men went on included Greenville, South Carolina, three shows in Austin, Texas. Denver, Colorado, Albuquerque, Mexico and Springfield, Missouri.

Beau read the journalism class a few poems that he had written about his parents divorce. The poems expressed how he was feeling during this time and the poems really portrayed the emotion he was feeling when Beau was writing them. Beau quoted when he was talking about one of his poems that

“hatred is the suicide of love.”

 During the time of the divorce these words were how Beau felt.

Another poem Beau spoke to us about was an abusive relationship that he had once been in. The emotion in that poem was strong because it started off as him in a bad situation to him finding a solution for himself and getting out. One night Beau told us that he called up him friend and told him that he was moving in with him. His friend gladly agreed and Beau lived with his friend until he was on his feet again. Beau packed up all of his belongings in the middle of the night and drove to his friends house in his Honda Accent. Beau told the journalism class that we always have the option to “get out” and that “happiness is something you need to become.” Beau knew that he was in an unhappy situation and the only way he could make himself happy was getting out of the tough situation he was in.

One of the last poems Beau read to the class was about a little girl. The poem he read was heart breaking because it was about a relationship between an adult and little girl that was built over a period of time until it was all gone in a second. At the time Beau explained to the class that he was dating a girl who had a little daughter. Him and the little girl were very close. Beau even said that she looked up to him as a father figure and he was the only man in her life. It all changed when Beau and the little girls mom broke up. Beau was immediately taken out of the little girl’s life and neither of them could understand it. While Beau was reading he continued to say that the little girl had only known that it had been “200 SpongeBob episodes” they had watched without him and there was no explanation to why Beau wasn’t around anymore.



photo by Isis Guignard ’16



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