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A Town For The Artists

In the mid 80’s Portland awoke to its true identity as a town of artists, innovators and the imaginative. From having the best arts college in the state, to having multiple small concert venues accessible to local artists. Portland, by design, is for the artists and innovators alike. In 2008 the Creative Portland Corporation was […]

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This figure shows the meridian lines in our bodies.

Ancient Medicine Goes Mainstream

Feelings of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity filled Meg Yudaken’s mind as she walked into the office for the first time. All her worries dissipated when she met the woman who would be treating her. She was welcoming and sweet and full of good energy. She got Yudaken some tea and they talked for awhile about […]

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Passing On The Passion

Fall leaves wet with dew crinkle as students make their way into the forest. The sun has just risen for their 8am walk. They are quiet with anticipation as they spot their trap. Mutters and gasps come as they approach their first successful catch. Everyone stops walking and not even the leaves are crinkling anymore. […]

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Leave Your Stress On The Yoga Mat

As she walks into the studio her mind is racing. Making her way to her mat she takes a deep breath, attempting to let the stress of her day go. She goes into childs pose, surrendering herself to the now, and forgetting the test she failed, fight she had with her friend, and homework due […]

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