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Girls Dorm Parents Reflect

It’s Tuesday night. Girls dorm seems busy in study hours and everyone is doing homework in the rooms, but one thing we never forget to do. No matter how many homework we have these nights ..we will always come to Nasses apartment and have our usual turkish night. Our two girls from Turkey make coffee […]

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Kelly Munyuza from Rwanda

Three International Students Share Future Goals

  In the past century the goals of teenagers have changed a lot. Just a hundred years ago, almost everything was decided for teens by their parents. Today teenagers are constantly  asked about their future goals and have an endless list of options, but all this opportunity can be overwhelming not just for students from the […]

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Mind body connection

The Curative Power of Positive Thoughts

From  childhood we learn that if we are in pain we’re automatically going to get some medicine or pills to feel better. We have been taught if we are sick, our body “needs” some drugs to kill the bacteria. But maybe it is a mistake for us to rely so heavily on something we call […]

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Skyler Gaudette senior, with her lucky number.

Power of Numbers

  Two years ago everything changed for me when I discovered that 16 was destined to be my lucky number. I started seeing this number everywhere just after I turned sixteen, which might not be too weird on its own, but what happened just a few weeks  before my birthday is what really made this […]

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