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Videos To Get You Through Finals

Family Chant “The dark man took my son. aaaAAAAAAAH” “YIP YIP YIP” Meanwhile in Russian School Just another normal day in school. Buckle Up Since the year is almost over, it’s time to go to work, which means not getting invited to office parties. Hey Andy Sweetie The best pickup line in existence. The Story of […]

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More Than Two

  Anyone who has been on Tumblr should know by now that there are more than two genders. Sure, the majority of people these days identify as only male or female, but there are also people who identify as what’s known as a non-binary gender. There’s agender, bigender, transgender, gender fluid, demigirl/guy, and a whole […]

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Don’t Let Stress Rule Your Life

Sitting alone in her room, fists clenched, she exhales a deep, shaky breath and finally pushes herself up off her bed. Her schedule is packed today. She has a huge history test and a math test as well. Though she has studied for both of them, just the thought of possibly failing weighs her down […]

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