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5 Lessons Camp Taught Me

  I have attended Agassiz Village (which is located in Poland, Maine) for the past nine years. I started off as a camper then moved up to staff in training then to an official counselor. Camp has an enormous impact on who I have become and I can’t imagine my life without Agassiz. Agassiz has […]

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Open Letter to the Class of 2016

Dear the Class of 2016, We have finally done it. We have gone through four years of all nighters, classes, pep rallies, and a lot of tears. There have been easy moments, but there have also been hard moments. And as much as we are going to miss each other and our staff and Thornton […]

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Teens Explore The Impact Of White Privilege

“There wasn’t really a moment at which I realized I was a different race than my parents, I just knew that I had dark skin while theirs was light. They explained adoption to me at some point but I never really wondered why I was black,”  said Portland High School senior, Moses Small. As a […]

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TA Cafeteria

Thoughts From The Ten Percent

The signs throughout the cafeteria show graphics illustrating the dietary needs for good health. Thornton claims that there are options for everyone.  But I have found that it is nearly impossible to get a nutritious meal being a vegetarian. On most days the only option is a small garden salad, peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, […]

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Thornton senior, Abigail Ouellette, at the site of her father’s grave.

Profound Loss Too Early

F acing a parent’s death is not easy at any age, but most assume they will not lose a parent until well into adulthood. Sadly, Thornton Academy senior Abby Ouellette and Deering High School senior Priscilla Maccario had their time with their fathers unexpectedly cut short. According to a survey by Comfort Zone Camp, the nation’s’ […]

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