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And we’re back …

Welcome to Thornton Academy’s online student news website, Carpe Diem Online. As a staff, we felt it was more important than ever to document our year and report on the news at our school and within our community.

The content here comes directly from the student writers, photographers, videographers, and technicians. It is my hope, as their adviser, that during the year, those who visit our site will learn a bit more about our school and the students who have sought a way to have their voices heard.

People often ask me about the students here at school, especially now that we have had to reinvent ourselves and rethink the way schools and teachers educate students. I am not alone when I tell people that the students in our school have been exceptional.

They have adapted to our new environment and do their best to bring a sense of normalcy back to their daily experience. I cannot thank the students in my classroom and at our school enough for their help and enthusiasm as we collectively take on this project.

We will meet twice weekly (using remote technology) and develop stories we think are interesting, meaningful, and timely. Please feel free to leave the writers a comment, but remember, they are students who are trying their best to report honestly and with a sense of fairness.

I hope our readers and visitors enjoy the stories and if you have an idea or would simply like to get in touch with us, please send me an email.

David Arenstam –

English Teacher and Carpe Diem Advisor


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