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An Intimate Window into One Athlete’s Daily Routine.

7:56 am Breakfast. Junior Ryan Penney adds syrup to his morning waffles. The frozen toaster waffles are the breakfast of choice of the student-athlete ready to take on a busy day.
8:14 am Departure. Penney leaves and locks up his house. Penney departs from his house to drive to school preparing for a full day of classes.
8:26am Arrival. Penney parks his car and walks through the parking lot towards school. Penney arrives nine minutes before the school day starts plenty of time to walk and get settled in his first block class.
11:24 am Greeting. On his walk to third block Penney meets with friends and greets them with a handshake. Penney greets many friends throughout the day.
11:26 am Test. Penney rushes to his math class to sit down to cram before his big test. Penney is in Honors Calculus A which is a rigorous course that requires a lot of studying. “School is always first. But when the school bell rings, the real fun begins,” Penney said.
3:30 pm Snack. After a long day at school Penney returns home to make a snack before he heads to the gym. The snacks are usually different but today’s snack of choice… mozzarella sticks.
4:19 pm Gym. Penney arrives at OA Sports Center with glove in hand as he heads to stretch before the throws and lifts. Penney goes to the gym at around 4:15 every day to get ready for the upcoming season. Preparing for the season if very important to Penney “It’s not just a game, it’s a lifestyle,” Penney said.
4:22 pm Stretch. Before the day at the gym begins Penney chooses to stretch to get loose before the workout. Here he is doing what is called the “Brettzel stretch” which is used to stretch out his back.
4:38 pm Bands. Before he starts his off- season throwing routine Penney loosens up his shoulders by stretching with arm bands. One of the most important things as a pitcher is your shoulders and Penney uses arm bands to try to keep his shoulders healthy for the season.
4:44 pm weighted balls. Before he throws his long toss Penney uses weighted balls to help him to get warmed up. Here, he is doing a drill called “pivot pickoffs” with a 14oz ball. A baseball is only 5oz so the heavier ball not only allows Penney to get warmed up it also makes it so that when he picks up the baseball it feels much lighter.
5:11 pm Landmine. After throwing Penney returns to the gym to start to lift. He begins his workout by doing an exercise called “Landmine Press” an exercise that works his arms.
5:27 pm Squats. Penney finishes off his workout by working his legs by squatting. Although the exercise and the workout is tough Penney loves every second “Sports are a getaway,” Penney said.

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