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A High School Horse Owner

Carmen Walks Gucci (left) and Zorro (right) back out to their pasture after dinner, Gucci is 5 and Zorro is 14. She has owned Zorro for 4 and a half years, and has owned Gucci for 6 months.
Zorro’s eye. The eye of a horse is one of the largest eyes of any land mammal. Horses can see 350 degrees. 65 degrees of that vision is binocular vision whilst the other 285 degrees is monocular. Binocular vision is a type of vision where an animal with two eyes can perceive a single three dimensional  image of its surroundings. Monocular vision enables both eyes to be used separately.
Carmen rides Zorro in the indoor arena at the barn. To make sure her horses are fed and in shape, Carmen has to go to the barn every night. She rides her horses 3-4 times a week. When she first learned to ride Carmen was 3.

Carmen rides Gucci in the indoor arena. Before she got Gucci he was a race horse, but now she needs to train him to become an eventing horse. The same goes for Zorro he was a race horse before she got him but since she has had Zorro for almost 5 years he responds very well to her commands.
Carmen rides Zorro in the indoor arena. Zorro competes in mainly dressage events. Dressage is a form of riding where the rider is given a “test” where they need to follow all directions to earn a perfect score.
Carmen kisses Gucci on the nose. “Ever since I was very little I loved horses.
“When I have bad days and things aren’t really going my way the barn and being with my horses is my escape fro all of that. Like I’ll have a bad day got to the barn and ride or even just be around my horses m day doesn’t seem as bad anymore.”
Carmen brushes Zorro.  “Horses cost a lot, Gucci was about $2,500. My saddles, bridles, saddle pads and brushes probably another $2,500. then board is $700 a month for both my horses. Every two months I have to pay $100 for the farrier and $100 a month for grain. Then come spring every year, both horses need blood work and shots which costs $400.”
Carmen kisses Zorro on the nose. Every night Carmen’s horses expect her to arrive so that they can be fed and ridden. While Carmen is away from the barn she may worry about her horses depending on the weather or if the horse is injured, but usually, she just looks forward to seeing them again.
Zorro sticks out his tongue. When Carmen can afford to get treats for her horses she buys them sugar cubes and ginger snaps. “Zorro can be weird sometimes with what he likes. The other day I found out he likes peach Snapple.”
Carmen hugs Zorro. “Zorro was my first horse I got him in 2014. The owner of the barn that I was working at owned him but wasn’t using him so I got him for 50 cents.”
Carmen rides Zorro in the indoor arena. Carmen has been boarding her horses at Dark Horse Equestrian Center for about 4 years. It is a family run barn that has around 15 other horses.
When a horse’s ears are scene pointing forward (as seen in the photo) it usually means that the horse is attentive and listening to the rider.
After a good visit to the barn, it is time to say goodbye until tomorrow.
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