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Chinese New Year – food and fireworks

Chinese New Year is the most important event in China. It’s the time when family get together and celebrate. We usually have fireworks on the New Year’s eve.

The tradition of having fireworks on the New Year’s Eve is originally coming from the act of scaring off the monster “nian” in ancient time. It’s mostly happens on the New Year’s eve, Jan 5th and 15th.

“The Chinese New Year holiday is this big event we are always looking forward to. Especially for us who are outside of the country and away from our families. It’s not only the great food, the pocket money we received (we have the tradition of the older generation giving money to the younger generation for New Year) on the day, more importantly is about the warmth and love within it and the time for celebrating a brighter future,”  said Flora Pu, our international student at TA.

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