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15 Best Classes at TA

What are some of the best classes here at TA?

Still got a few more years at TA? Wondering what classes are the most fun or interesting? Well you’re in luck! Here is a list of some of the best classes at TA according to the leaving Seniors of 2017 & some Alumni. (In no particular order.)

1.) A Choir Class. Even if you aren’t a singer, it’s an art credit, and something that pushes you out of your shell.

“One of my favorite classes has to be treble choir because I get to sing, but it’s a class that really challenges me to work hard and improve myself as a singer.” Victoria G. Senior

2.) US History. History classes can become exciting when you have a great teacher or are studying something you love.

“One of my favorite classes I have taken at TA would have to be AP US History because I have always had a love of history and Mr. Parise always made the class fun and exciting, I was always learning something new.” Katie G. Senior

3.) Pottery. Ooo a calming, get your hands dirty class to take the edge off your day.

Sophomore, Emma Cianchette making something beautiful on the pottery wheel.

“I think one of my favorites would have to be pottery, I took it sophomore year. I just had a bunch of friends in that class and I love Ms. Altman. I took a lot away from the class.” Sarah S. Senior

4.) Algebra 2. Having a great teacher is key to a good math class.

“My favorite class was probably Algebra 2 with Mr. Slack because he thoroughly explained the material for those that didn’t understand and he didn’t take any bs from those who disrespected him or refused to do work.” Stephanie B. Senior

5.) English. There are so many fun English teachers here at TA!

“Mr. Komars English, No homework 90% of the time and he was a great teacher to the point where I learned more history in his English class than I did most history classes.” Max G. Senior

6.) Everyday Engineering. Here’s some hands-on learning for ya!

Senior, Otto Busari building something cool in Everyday Engineering!

“Have to say my by far favorite class at TA is everyday engineering with Mr Hall. I took it freshmen year so it’s a little hard to remember what we did but it was just a great class. Hands on learning, you got these projects and either it was individual work or partner work but you got to build all these different kinds of cool projects, like catapults, or hydropower cranes. It was cool and Mr. Hall is an awesome teacher.” Sidney H. Senior

7.) Memoir & Personal Narrative. English class, and one that one stress you out! Awesome!

“Is was definitely memoir and the personal narrative with Lasante. She is an awesome teacher firstly, the class itself was super fun and engaged. The books we read were good and because it was an elective I didn’t feel like I was drowning in English homework senior year.” Ebony D. Alumni, Class of 2016

8.) Acting. Good way to get out of your shell, put yourself out there!

“In all my four years here, one of my favorite classes that I have taken is Acting I. The reason for my enjoyment of that class is a mixture of a phenomenal teacher in Mr. Hanright, and a plethora of students who are genuinely interested in acting. Having this class with some of my best friends also helps boost this class to my favorite.” Andrew H. Senior

9.) Creative Writing. A free space to be as creative as you need.

“Creative writing, I love writing, it was a change of pace because I took it with all seniors as a sophomore. I also got to know the teacher very well and it gave me the opportunity to apply for a columnist position at the Biddeford Journal Tribune, so I’ve been a published for the past 2 years.” Nina C. Senior

“Favorite classes are different than favorite teachers, which is why it’s kind of hard. If I’m being honest, my favorite class would probably be Creative Writing. Not only because my teacher was awesome, but because it was a free space. I could write about anything in that class and it wouldn’t be frowned upon.” Erin G. Senior

10.) Journalism. Another class to get you out there and talking to so many people.

“Actually, it was journalism class for me. It gave me freedom that no other class in TA offered me. It allowed me to improve my people skills by interviewing people, and introduced me to a new job market that I had not been previously exposed to.” Brandon B. Alumni, Class of 2016

11.) Web Design. Educate yourself in today’s techy world.

“My favorite class I took was probably Web Design I. I was able to learn how to code my own websites and create what I wanted, it was a new a skill I would not have been able to learn otherwise.” Sierra T. Senior

12.) German. Learn how to say all the cool things in German, and maybe go to Germany.

Ms. Curtis teaching German!

“I would have to say German III was my favorite class at TA. It only had 8 people so it was really focused on us. We did a ton of fun activities and my German writing and reading skills increased immeasurably. Also Frau Curtis and Herr Sink yo.” Annabel W. Senior

13.) History of Rock & Roll. Music, what more do I have to say?

“My all-time favorite class I’ve  taken at TA is History of Rock and Roll, Dave Stebbins is my favorite teacher. He made the class fun. We listened to music, learned about classic rock artists and made some art- which is basically what I do in my spare time. So that was definitely my favorite class. Mr. Stebbins knows how to keep a class of teenagers interested and involved in what he’s teaching.” Mahaley H. Senior

“My favorite class was history of rock n roll because we got to listen to music and Dave Stebbins is the dopest teacher ever.” Kim C. Senior

14.) Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics. Find the math that interests you.

“Trig and probability and statistics….one reason is because I like math, another reason is because Mr. V made it fun and easy to understand.” Bethney B. Alumni, Class of 2016

15.) Chemistry. Reactions, chemicals, cool stuff man.

“One of my favorite classes was most likely Arenstam’s honors chem because it was easy but also interesting. Her classroom approach was a good approach. She did the flipped classroom which was an easy way for me to learn.” Kaya O. Senior

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