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10 Most Iconic American Athletes

Kevin Durant- Let’s start off this list with the two time reigning NBA Finals MVP.  After controversially joining the NBA record 73 win Golden State Warriors on July 4th, 2016 he has went from a superstar with no playoff success to a superstar with two NBA Championships while he and the other 3 all stars on his team proceeded to destroy every team in the NBA. They are looking to three peat this year which would be the first time since Jordan’s Bulls in 96’ 97’ 98’. Durant in my opinion is the best player in the NBA and while being controversial he is spectacular on and off the court. Durant committed $10 million to underprivileged youth in his hometown of Washington D.C.

Tom Brady- Because of being drafted in the 6th round 199th overall it was a longshot that he would ever start a game in the NFL but because of Drew Bledsoe’s horrific injury he was thrusted into the starting role of the New England Patriots. In his first season at starting QB he delivered the first Super Bowl in franchise history beating the St. Louis Rams. Since becoming a starting quarterback he has won 6 Super Bowls, 4 Super Bowl MVPs, 3 MVPs, Comeback player of the year in 2009 and 2 offensive player of the year awards. Despite being 41 he is still playing excellent football and extremely popular with fans coming in on top of the jersey sales list from last season. Without a doubt he’s still one of the biggest icons in American sports.  

Tiger Woods- When you think of the greatest golfers of all time Tiger Woods has to be one of the top 3 names that pop into your head. He ranks top 2 in Major Championships and top 2 in Masters Championships. In his prime he was the most dominant golfer that the sport has ever seen as he won 10 PGA Tour player of the year titles over a 13 year span. His most remarkable accomplishment has to be the 2019 Masters Championship, after 6 surgeries between 2008-2017 he finally completed his long awaited comeback.  

Michael Phelps- Being known as the greatest swimmer of all time is cool but being the most decorated olympian in world history is amazing. Michael Phelps has 28 total medals 23 of which is gold that puts him 10 medals ahead of Larisa Latynina who has 18 total medals. Phelps is an icon in American pop culture and in the sports world alike although he has officially retired from competition but at only 33 years old I think he has another Olympics in him.

Mike Trout- Best baseball player in the world is the best way to describe the incredible Mike Trout. He does everything you could want out of a baseball player. He can hit for contact, drive the ball over the fence, very good speed, and excellent fielding in center field. At only 27 years old he has finished top 3 in American League MVP voting 6 times already. He has definitely earned every penny of his 12 year $430 Million deal because he’s without a doubt one of the great players in MLB history  

LeBron James- LeBron James was the most hyped NBA player to ever come into the league. Sports Illustrated declared him the “chosen one” while he still in high school and somehow he exceeded expectations. Drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers first overall in 2003 he played for them for the next seven years winning two MVPs before “taking his talents to South Beach” in 2011. That’s when his career really kicked off. From 2011-2014 he played for the Miami Heat winning two MVPs, two NBA Finals and two Finals MVPs. But he had no greater accomplishment than when he came back to his hometown of Cleveland and delivered the Cavaliers their first championship in franchise history something he promised to do since being drafted. At 34 years old and still in his prime he is currently a member of the Los Angeles Lakers and working on breaking the Lakers out of their 6 year playoff drought.               

Floyd Mayweather- Floyd “Money” Mayweather is one of the greats in the sport of boxing and his 50-0 record really displays his dominance over the last 20 years. At 5’8 150 lbs his style wasn’t the same as a Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali it relied on skill, finesse and patience. His best trait was his defense, it was so hard to land a punch on him and in result nobody was successful on dealing any significant damage. Even though he’s a great boxer and businessman he didn’t go without controversy. On three separate occasions he was accused of domestic abuse and to add insult to injury he is rumored to not be able to read which only adds to the hate bandwagon.

Serena Williams- When talking about Serena Williams she has to be included in the greatest tennis players of all time conversation and unanimously considered the greatest female tennis player. She has a long list of awards that include 7 Wimbledon Championships, 6 U.S. Open Championships, 6 Australian Open Championships, 3 French Open Championships, 2012 olympic gold medal exc, exc. She’s still going strong at 37 years old only further proving she is the greatest of all time.

Odell Beckham Jr- You can’t understand Odell Beckham Jr’s rise to stardom without knowing about his incredible one handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. Overnight he became a national icon attracting millions of new fans on social media. As a rookie he took home the offensive rookie of the year award and made the pro bowl after his stellar season but that was only the beginning. The following two seasons he went on to make two more pro bowls and a playoff appearance for the New York Giants but that’s where it started to go downhill. In 2017 he only played in 4 games and in 2018 he was able to play in 12 games before fighting injuries at the end of the year. Now it’s appears that his career is back on track as he was traded to the young surging Cleveland Browns for the 2019 season. Now in contention for a Super Bowl with a new team he is looking to have his best season while he’s in his prime at the age of 27.  

Steph Curry- Don’t get me wrong Steph Curry does not rank last on this list of most iconic American athletes this is the top 10 in no particular order. With that being said there’s an argument that he has had the most influence over his sport than any other person on this list he changed the way the NBA game is played. If you go back 20 years you will see a game built around the center Shaq, Karl Malone, Tim Duncan were three of the most prominent players on some of the best teams in the world. But fast forward 20 years the game is built around the point guard and Steph Curry is one of the best examples. Steph is the guy who runs the offense, he has the ball in his hands most of the time and for good reason. He’s the greatest shooter who has ever lived and great handles to match. He can score from deep and close to the rim                        

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