10 Great Summer Dates

By: Tasha Dube, Phoebe Gariepy, Taylor Allen, and Devyn Smith

If you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to things to do this summer, here are 10 awesome things to try with a significant other, a best friend, or anyone!


Goodwill Outfits & Dinner

For this super hilarious date all you need is a couple of dollars! Go to the nearest Goodwill or second-hand store and you each must pick out a crazy outfit for your date! You HAVE to wear the outfit picked for you, and must go out to dinner afterwards. This date is for silly romantics or quirky best friends.


Penny Date

All you need to go on the penny date is a coin, a method of transportation, and some cash. Pick a starting point and a number. Start driving or walking, and every time you get to an intersection, flip a coin. Heads go left, tails go right. Once you’ve flipped your coin as many times as you decided, park the car. Have fun and make a date out of wherever you ended up.


Cascade Falls Hidden Monkey Trunks

This date is perfect for the adventurous type. You and your date can go to Cascade Falls and enjoy the view. Hike around the waterfall and climb up onto the huge fallen down tree. Also, as an added bonus the neighboring business, Monkey Trunks, is building a new section of bars, ropes, and platforms that you can climb on! They might be hard to find because they are still under construction but hike down by the river and try your hardest! Be careful and have fun.


Fireworks & Stargazing Date

This date could get pricey, depending on how many fireworks you buy. This date works for the pyromaniacs and romantics alike. Have a blast lighting off fireworks. Obviously, beware of city ordinances against pyrotechnics and fire danger. Always light fireworks pointing away from yourself and others and make sure your mortars are secured. After you’ve had your fun, lay out a blanket and just watch the sky. You’d be surprised what you can see!




Art Walk & Pizza 

On the first Friday of every month on Congress St. in Portland, local artists fill the streets to display their homemade gifts, jewelry, art and music! Take your date to this completely free event and stop by Otto’s to grab a slice of delicious organic pizza!


Muse Paint Bar

Ever heard of a paint bar? Probably not right? Well Maine has one and it is a super fun time and a great way to get some free painting lessons! Anyone can get in and you get to keep your paintings and make new friends!


Pancake faces

Are you artistic? Do you love pancakes? Perfect! Grab a partner and some pancake batter and a squeeze bottle. Try and make a pancake that looks as much like the other person as possible. At the end, sit down and eat your masterpieces!



Photo by https://drinkupandgethappy.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/img_1080.jpg

Lock Wall

If you’re ever in Paris, Germany, Italy, Russia, or South Korea, you and your significant other can write your names on a lock and lock it to the bridge signifying your love lasting forever. However, if leaving the country isn’t an option for you, there’s a lock wall in Portland too!


Drive-In Date

This date costs money, but isn’t extremely pricey. The Saco Drive In is open on weekends currently, and offers two movies. All that’s needed is a method of transportation, such as a car or truck (you need a something to watch the movie in,) and $15. The $15 covers the cost of the movies-and is all you need for a car full of people to come. You can bring money for food as well, but trying to bring your own might also work. You can even bring chairs and blankets and lay out while watching the movies. Overall, this would be a great date for anyone who loves movies, and the idea of a drive in.


Concert Date

This date could get expensive. Although, if you love music, it has the possibility of taking you anywhere, and giving you an experience you will never forget. This date occurs anywhere a concert is taking place. All you have to do is find a band you like/love, make sure there are tickets available, and make a plan, and go! Whether it’s in Maine at Port City Music Hall, the State Theater, or the Asylum, or in Massachusetts at the Xfinity Center, Paradise Rock Club, or House of Blues, you’re bound to have a good time and with all the venues available, you’ll usually have someone you’d love to see in concert playing close to you. And what better way to enjoy a concert than to have someone enjoying with you?


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